Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hi Everyone & Welcome to the Blog

Hi! At the suggestion of my brilliant research assistant's girlfriend, I have created a blog to help us keep in touch during the process of passing this legislation. I will post updates here on scheduled meetings with legislators and other matters of interest. Please feel free to let me (and others) know of the conversations you have with legislators or other supporters.

Thanks -- Lorri :-)


Blogger Sparra said...

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Blogger Sparra said...

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Blogger johanna said...

HI- My name is Johanna Cobbold. I also have a son with autism, and have had to pay for ABA services for him since shortly after he was diagnosed 4 years ago. It has helped him tremendously, so I don't regret a penny I have spent, but we need help. This legislation is long overdue, and I am happy to say that since receiving the letter from Lorrie, I have had some really important conversations with our local senator and representative. First, I contacted Senator Vincent Sheheen who was gracious and attentive as I discussed our personal experience with autism, as well as our hope that this insurance mandate makes a difference in the lives of our precious children. I went on to explain the cost benefits to the state if a child with autism is treated early and aggressively as opposed to allowing them to go untreated, and end up the responsibility of the state as disabled adults. I shared with him the percentage of children that go on to mainstream in classrooms, graduate highschool and get jobs is very high for the group of children that receive proper services, but is very poor for those who do not. I went on to send him information in the mail- my "information packet" that reviews all of the data we discussed, legislation, and info on autism. He was great... He also said that he would discuss it with Senator Ray Cleary. I had a very similar experience with Representative Neilson. She also was interested in contacting Representative Ballentine after receiving my "information packet" in the mail. With each packet, I sent along a picture of Andrew. I want them to know who it is they are helping. Thanks Lorrie for all your hard work.. Andrew thanks you, too. Warm regards, Johanna

3:56 PM  
Blogger Super Rog said...

Gov. Sanford.

I have been a supporter of yours since your days as in Congress. And like you, I want to see a smaller government.

I am asking that you sign Ryan's Law.

Ryan's parents do not know me, but I know Ryan. His cousin brings him to Seacoast Church. I have been a member of that church for about 10 years now. I never thought about working with kids until 2 years ago when I had the opportunity to work in Won by One--a ministry for special needs kids. Ryan is one of them. I've not seen Ryan for some time now because his cousin has had to move for about a year on business. I will tell that Ryan comes alive in this class, as do the others.

My reason for telling you this is that Autistic kids come alive, when we learn how to reach them. Ryan's Law will give us that chance.

Please, pass this law.

Thank you

Roger A. Redford

8:24 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

I knew you when you started this journey! You have come so far and accomplished so much. You are an angel to the parents of SC. Thank you! My prayers are with you as the law gets approved!!!! Good luck!
Hope you and your family are well,
Elizabeth Owen
New York, NY

2:38 PM  
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