Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sample Letter to South Carolina House Member

Dear Representative Haskins,

My name is Derrick Howle and I live in your voting district. I want to thank you for cosponsoring House Bill 3468. I am the father of an incredible 8 year old boy with autism named Lucas Howle. The passage of this bill will open many doors for my son Lucas and allow him the opportunity to receive treatment and remediation for his autism, thereby giving him the opportunity to lead a more productive and meaningful life.

While there is no cure for autism, remarkable strides can be made with early and intensive intervention. Lucas has already made progress with the therapies he has received but the financial burden has become too much for us to bear alone. He has 20 hours a week of ABA therapy which cost about $15,000 a year. 40 hours a week of therapy is recommended.

Once again, THANKYOU for co-sponsoring bill 3468 as it will make the difference in Lucas’ life. Attached is a photo of my son Lucas. While under consideration, please think of him and the more than 2800 others like him in SC.


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This is great info to know.

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