Monday, June 04, 2007

South Carolinians Write to Governor About Ryan's Law

Dear Governor Sanford,

Please consider this e-mail a mother's desperate plea that you not veto the bill we parents have struggled so hard to get to your desk. If I have said it once, I have said it who knows how many times - there is nothing wrong in your life until there is something wrong with your child. My husband and I have 4 wonderful children, the oldest of whom has autism.
I write this e-mail to you in a rush, and I apologize. I am trying to get out of the house so the family can accompany Andrew to a Dr's appointment in Jacksonville Florida. Dark times make or break parents.

I am thankful that facing this beast called autism has brought out strength and resourcefulness in my family.

Getting this bill all the way through the legislature has drawn more attention than any of us thought we had to give to one more battle.

Now that we are standing at the door, I beg you not to lock it. Even with the assistance of insurance paying for the only proven therapy that helps our children, our struggles are far from over. We still balance our other children, the jobs we need to keep in order to provide for our kids, and the marriages a few of us are lucky enough not to lose. But the encouragement we have all drawn from the last week where we could see the light at the end of the tunnel to see our children helped by the society they live in has fueled many of us to face one more day.

I have met you at Pompian Hill, through my good friends Elizabeth Hagood and Harry Gregorie, and I have followed your career from the days you made a statement about waste by sleeping on the floor of your office in Washington. I believe you to be a good man with good priorities.
I beg you not to heap one more concrete slab on the shoulders of parents all over this state whose backs are about to break already from the weight of helping their children with autism. Please let the bill become law. I thank you in advance for your consideration of my plea and for your time.
Kathy Simons


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