Monday, June 04, 2007

South Carolinians Write to Governor About Ryan's Law

Dear Governor,

As the parents of a boy with autism, we ask that you allow Ryan's Law (the Autism Equity Act) to go forward, without a veto. Our son is severely delayed in speech and socialization.

Autism is a neurological disorder, which affects the parts of the brain that control language and joint-attention. We believe this neurological disorder should be covered under health insurance, just as strokes and other neurological disorders are covered. It's only right that our children get the treatment they need!

Our developmental pediatrician tells us that, with therapy, our son will likely go on to a regular elementary school with "normal" children, and could even excel academically. Without therapy, however, his progress would halt or regress, and he would never develop the language or other skills that are necessary to participate in a normal classroom, or the workforce, one day.

The children of our state deserve to share their talents with all of society, pay taxes, and contribute to our local economy -- instead of ending up becoming a burden on taxpayers.

Perhaps this realization is why several other states have passed similar legislation. By allowing Ryan's Law to go forward, you will not only help these children but will also help our state for years to come.

I (Elizabeth) talked to you one time in person about children with special needs. You convinced me that you really care about children with disabilities. This is your chance to show that you really do care about these children. Thank you, governor, for your time, and I hope we can count on you to help our children!

Michael and Elizabeth Wright


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