Monday, June 04, 2007

South Carolinians Write To Governor About Ryan's Law

Dear Governor Sanford,

I am so blessed to have a six year old granddaughter with autism. Her father just returned from serving our country in Iraq. She has for the past year benefited from the ABA therapy. She and Ryan (Lorri Unumb's son) have the same ABA therapists. I know you have four sons. I truly hope that they were born normal and healthy. Please do not turn your back on those that are affected with this condition.

Ryan's Law is a compromise bill that the insurance industry has agreed to. Small group and individual policies are exempt. There are over 2000 children in South Carolina affected by autism. Either the insurance industry can help pay for autism now, or the taxpayers can pay $4 million per person later.

Haleigh has improved tremendously in the 12 months she has had ABA therapy. She is home schooled because the school system in Charleston could not or did not offer the help she needed. She has started talking, eating, and interacting with other people. When her father left for Iraq last June, she did not speak at all. Now, she is shocking us all with her improvement. We sent videos of her progress to her Daddy, and he was awed by her progress. They have had some help with the extensive cost of the therapy from Tricare, the only insurance company that pays anything at all for autism treatment. The cost of therapists run about $ 90,000 a year. Without Tricare coverage, they could not afford the ABA.

Please sign Ryan's Law. Show the people of South Carolina that you care about our children as you say you do.

Thank you for your support.

Susan Thrasher
Bishopville, SC


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