Monday, June 04, 2007

South Carolinians Write to Governor About Ryan's Law

Dear Govenor Sandford,

I am a school nurse in this fine state of South Carolina and continue to see an increase in the number of student in public education with a diagnosis of autism. The effects of this disorder are felt by a multitude of SC families and the educational and health care professionals within the school setting.

The benefits of ABA Therapy have been proven to promote enormous gains to cognitive behavorial skills.

I have a personal involvement with this Spectrum Disorder by observing my great neice, who is fortune enough to have an insurance comapany with the vision and wisdom to provide coverage for a cutting edge treatment. It would be very sad to see others suffer because Ryan's Law did not make it off your desk.

Please be informed before you make such a life changiing decision for millions of innocent children. You have the power to make Ryan's Law happen.

Sally Atkinson


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