Monday, June 04, 2007

South Carolinians Write to Governor About Ryan's Law

Dear Governor Sanford,

My name is Michael Bridgers and I live in Columbia. As a constituent and parent of two sons with autism, I urge you to allow the Ryan's law bill to become law in SC.

I am sure the insurance lobby is talking with your staff about this bill Please keep in mind that the final bill is a compromise that was reached with the insurance lobby prior to passage. The bill was widely supported by members of both parties in the Senate and House.

Autism is a national crisis - and must be treated the same as any other neurological disorder.

I am not an expert on the financials, but it makes sense to me that we should commit resources to children and improve their odds of developing into successful, contributing adults. That is my dream for my treasured sons.

I am sure you have seen the local and national media coverage regarding autism in the last year. Even today, WLTX will be filming a segment at Gymboree at 3:00 in Richland Fashion Mall for an upcoming national story. Gymboree has commissioned an exercise class for special needs children.

Please allow Ryan's Law to become SC Law.

Michael Bridgers
Columbia, SC


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